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Mary Karlin

This contemporary collection of more than 100 recipes from chef-instructor Mary Karlin covers the range of wood-fired cooking options available to home cooks. From flame-licked Plank-Roasted Porterhouse or Grilled Naan to a hearth-baked Milanese Risotto, Leek, and Asparagus Tart or Warm Chocolate-Chipotle Cakes, Karlin's unassuming yet refined kitchen sensibility shines through in every dish. With a vast knowledge of terrific ingredients, the diverse flavor characteristics of hardwoods, and the best live-fire techniques and equipment now available, Karlin is a passionate advocate for this growing trend.
Her globally inspired Indian, Italian, Mediterranean, American, and North African recipes for cooking over live flame and embers are paired with contributions from Peter Reinhart, Bruce Aidells, Deborah Madison, and other fired-up chefs. Whether you're a seasoned barbecue expert or you just bought your first bag of lump charcoal, Wood-Fired Cooking will have you stoking appetites in no time. Order Today.

Wood-Fired Cooking Endorsements

“A wood fire is always the heart and hearth of a social gathering—I never feel more at home than when I'm cooking over the flames. Mary Karlin's comprehensive and beautiful book introduces you to one of our most ancient, basic, and satisfying ways to cook.”
Alice Waters,
founder and co-owner of Chez Panisse and author of The Art of Simple Food

“In Wood-Fired Cooking, Mary Karlin combines the romance of the fire with practical information and really delicious recipes that are easy to prepare. A surefire hit.”
Joyce Goldstein,
chef and author of Back to Square One and Italian Slow and Savory


Techniques & Recipes for the Grill, Backyard Oven, Fireplace, and Campfire

Welcome to the amazing, blazing world of wood-fired cooking. I invite you to explore this ancient yet contemporary form of cooking and community. Whether you are new to this form of cooking, just curious, or are already a devotee, let me guide you on comprehensive journeys of traditional and modern-day methods of wood-fired cooking. Along the way, I’ll share tips, some of my favorite recipes, and my recommended resources to enhance your cooking experience.

Cooking with Fire

Fire is primal and alluring; elusive and magical. Humans are drawn to fire. The popularity of live-fire cooking continues to grow in restaurants and homes throughout America and beyond. Wood-fired cooking has a slower pace. It forces one to slow down and enjoy the process while creating delicious food. My first book, Wood-Fired Cooking, embraces this philosophy. This book grew out of my passion for cooking over many years with what I refer to as ‘the real deal’ fuel: aged hardwood, and char wood. I was (and am) regularly stoking fires in brick ovens, Big Green Egg's©, La Caja China© box roasters, or at grills, and campfires around the US. My wood-fired experiences evolved into teaching cooking classes on the topic, then on to writing Wood-Fired Cooking, published in 2009. I invite you to join me soon on its pages and at fireside in classes at culinary venues.

Come Along on a Blazing Adventure

If you are burning to learn all the fundamentals of wood-fired cooking including baking, grilling, roasting, spit-roasting, low & slow cooking, and smoking, then join me for heaps of fun, flame-fed cooking adventures. Become a proficient fired-up cook using the most popular wood-fired ovens, grills, roasters, and fire pits. Learn the versatility of wood-fired cooking methods to create a variety of delicious, healthful, simply-prepared food. Explore ways to create your home’s wood-fired space to share with family and friends.

On this site, you can shop for my favorite wood-fired appliances and tools, request information on Chicago Brick Ovens, and even get expert professional assistance to design your outdoor cooking space. You can also link to my other sites dedicated to my books: Artisan Cheese Making at Home, and Mastering Fermentation. May I suggest you now slow down, smell the smoke, and enjoy life.

While writing Wood-Fired Cooking, I did extensive research on and testing of the best wood-burning cooking devices available to the home cook, and then personally worked with them to determine their value as ones to be featured in the book and recommended to you fired-up enthusiasts for the optimum wood-fired cooking experience. Always on the lookout for emerging wood-fired trends and quality products to recommend to you, my favorites are listed on the Resources page, including the outstanding wood-fired ovens designed and entirely made in the USA by Chicago Brick Oven. Of the many styles and brands of ovens I’ve worked in (including those I’ve owned), these are the very best ones for ease and efficiency, and the only brand I fully endorse.

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